//What Mortar? Grouting

What Mortar? Grouting

Choosing an appropriate Lime Grout

if this is not your first grouting project you may just want to pick your grout from our product list, so go here for our Grouts and choose the product that best suits you for the job your doing.

If you have some experience but want some specific advice and product guidance or your new to this and want more help then read on

Are You

Grouting Fine cracks in masonry less than 2mm

Grouting Large cracks in masonry more than 2mm

Grouting very thin joints that are impossible to re-point, such as fine ashlar stonework

Grouting to fill voids in masonry walls

Grouting large structures as the principle means for consolidation purposes

Grouting bridges, arches, abutments, piers and cut waters in and around wet work

Grouting where the masonry may or will become inundated with sea water

Grouting to consolidate floors

Grouting to fill joints in masonry floor slabs

Grouting between historic tiles
You can also get a more general idea of Grouting  such as-

What is Grout and how does it work

Grouting a means to repair and consolidate what you can’t always see, the benefits and potential pitfalls of grouting

Grouting the obvious and why it is often the only way to do the job properly

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