Remove or repair – diagnosing the faults and issues is the starting point to avoid costly, unnecessary replacement or ineffectual repairs. Getting the diagnosis right, ensuring the replacement or repair is effective is good use of precious finances.

At Masons Mortar Ltd, we have a wide range of options.

Render to cover Painted backgrounds which would be simply too costly and often potentially damaging to remove. (See MMEcoMortar R series for painted backgrounds)

Patch repair, crack filling and minimal intervention strategies that can significantly reduce both costs and disruption . MMRCF P (Pointing type) or MMRCF G– (Grouting type)

Full render application on every conceivable masonry background (See Backgrounds and how to choose a render specification)

Render and Plaster materials for Hybrid, multiple surfaces, complex and otherwise impossible situations, if you need to plaster over wood, tile paint, insulation, clay, even if it is all on the same wall, we will have a product solution for that too.

See Here, the sketch below is a guide to render repair issues.