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Hourdex is a modified hydraulic lime binder, manufactured by Saint Astier in France. It is based on NHL 5 with the addition of a small proportion of a grey low sulfate cement and additives to improve workability. Hourdex is classed as a “multiuse binder” meaning that when specified correctly, it can be used for a wide number of appliacations, such as: Building, pointing, renders, skews, chimney haunching and floor tiling. As a modified hydraulic lime, Hourdex develops its compressive strength and resistance to freeze thaw more quickly than a pure NHL. Hourdex can be mixed with appropriate well graded sands to produce M2, M4 and M6 mortars. Please consult our technical department for further guidance. technical@masonsmortar.co.uk


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HOURDEX (25kg)  a multi use binder St Astier Hydraulic Limes (HL) For building mortars, renders stipple and base coats, roofing, chimneys, floor tiling. Based on St. Astier natural hydraulic lime with a special low sulphate cement and additives for highly workable and breathable mortars

Mortar preparation: Up to 5 minutes in conventional drum mixers.

Sand: Clean, well graded 0-3mm (general). Lower or higher granulometries can be adopted.
Avoid monogranular sands. Sands for renders base coats should not be below 0-2mm.

Adequately dampen materials or background if too dry or with high suction. Do not work in temperatures below 5 oC or above 35 oC. The building materials or background should not be frosty or too hot or water saturated. Protect fresh mortars from frost, rain or strong direct sun. Storage: in dry store. Reseal open bags a.s.a.p

The above details are given for general information purposes and do not constitute a specification.

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