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Natural Cement

  • Prompt is a very fast setting material, however it's set can be adjusted using TEMPO. TEMPO is specially designed to adjust the setting time of Prompt Natural Cement to the working pace of the professional. The set of Prompt is also affected by the ambient temperature; the warmer it is the faster the mortar will set. TEMPO is easy to use, comes in an 80g bottle and a full bottle is a suitable quantity for a full bag of Prompt. Please click here for Prompt:
  • Prompt has been in use continuously since the 1850's. It is a very simple material with some complex characteristics, manufactured from Argillaceous Limestone (Limestone containing some clays). It is simply mined, fired (at much lower temperatures than ordinary cement) and milled. Nothing is added to it, nothing is taken away. Having been in use for over a hundred and fifty years it has been tested and proven well beyond the abilities of Ordinary Portland Cement. This natural cement from France can be used in conjunction with Tempo (citric acid) in order to control setting times. It has a high initial strength and quick setting time. Once the material has set, it is waterproof. For use with: Engineering, tidal, river and canal work. Gauging for hydraulic lime mortars. Please click link for Applications and mixing information. Please click here for Prompt data sheets: Please click link for Tempo: