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Stone Repair Mortar (St.One)

St.One  - (formally Lithomex)  Stone & Brick Repair Mortar

In 2017 Saint Astier have re-branded their Stone and Brick repair mortar. The new name for Lithomex is St.One.

The product is exactly the same. The formulation is exactly the same. The only differences are the brand name and the packaging design on the bag. The bag design and text are now all in English, including the mixing instructions and general guidance on the reverse of the bag. These are all cosmetic changes only.

The mortar performance and characteristics remain unchanged :

Highly vapour permeable,

Excellent bond characteristics and workability,

Low modulus of elasticity,

Fantastic colour range available ( 400 standard colours available from Masons Mortar Ltd ),

Capable of providing superior aesthetic apperance and technical performance in use.


This Specially formulated mortar based on Natural Hydraulic Lime and aggregates for the repair or simulation of masonry, brick or stone. St.One is a custom coloured mortar supplied in 25KG bags and 6.25KG bags to which only mixing water is added.

St.One has high vapour permeability, low modulus of elasticity, excellent bond characteristics and achieves early freeze thaw resistance. St.One develops early strength but not such that it becomes stronger than the background. It is not suitable for repairs to stair treads.

Applied at minimum thickness of 5mm (can be dressed or cut back to a feather edge). The maximum recommended unsupported thickness is 80 - 100mm. (Not projecting work) In cases where a thickness greater than 100mm is required some anchorages may be required. In the case of full depth projecting work anchorage is advised.
Simulation of stone / brick features, rough finishes, false joints etc. can be made approximately 5 hours from application (in damp cold weather leave up to 24 hours).

Shaping and forming of details, corners and such can be carried out with the edge of a trowel or steel float and carved details with small tools as the work proceeds or using chisels once the material is fully hardened. Fine polished finishes are achieved either by troweling after initial set has begun or by fine carborundum paper after the material is sufficiently hard. Its unique qualities allow it to be tooled, shaped and sculpted even weeks after the final set has taken place. This affords sufficient time to achieve the very highest standard of work with the best quality reproduction. Where ashlar masonry or very finely jointed masonry has suffered damage to the arises, flush finishing in St.One with a tucked joint is the ideal solution. St.One can be lime washed.

St.One Colour Range

St.One Custom Coloured Stone Repair Mortar

On rendered areas St.One can be used to form decorative features such as mouldings and cornices.