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Colour Matching

St.One Stone Repair: Dry Bagged Mortars for Pointing: Construction: Renders: Lime Wash & Lime Paint.

What we need from you.
(Client: Contractor: Architect or other Supervising or Instructing Officer)
A cash, cheque, credit / debit card payment of £36.00+VAT per sample provided. This will allow us to process your sample for colour matching and post out 700g of powder material that we have matched on your behalf.
Please send all your colour matches to: Block 2, Woodend Industrial Estate, Cowdenbeath, Fife, KY4 8HW 

The sample of the material you require to be matched should be supplied in a single piece with the area to be matched measuring at least 20mm x 15mm minimum with a reasonably flat surface for matching:

The opposite face to be matched should be marked with a clearly identifiable cross in indelible ink (mark the reverse side only) we will match the unmarked face. Samples that arrive in a broken state or smaller than specified will not be matched. Larger samples may be sent, but the same rules apply.

If the sample matching face has significant variations and the requirement is to match a specific area:
The area must be clearly identified by a ring or rectangle of indelible ink dots surrounding a flat section at least 20mm x 15mm. Please do not mark, ring or identify areas that have large aggregates contained within them, this throws off the equipment used for matching and may result in a colour match of the aggregate. Samples with a glossy finish or a translucent appearance may be more difficult to take a reading from.

Ideally your sample should be: A MATTE FINISH / A UNIFORM COLOUR / 100% OPAQUE. If samples meet these criteria we can provide a higher quality colour match in a reduced time period.

Your accompanying letter must clearly state your instructions / requirements. E.g. what the material is to be used for - pointing, rendering, stone repair or the like, location and exposure.

We can match powders, but you should be aware that at least 100 grams are necessary for this purpose.
Powder matching produces an average colour match for the sample as a whole.

What we will do:

We will log the sample on arrival, noting its condition, instructions and any special requirements (any ambiguous instructions will be clarified by faxing our standard return sheet)

We will match the sample: evaluate the match:

Once we are satisfied with the match, we will produce 2sample sets, consisting of 1 powder sample set for dispatch for customer approval and 1 sample set for quality control checks for all future ordering requirements.

Provide and retain a sample matching job number, that will be unique to the sample, stating Company Name, Job Location, Purpose of Use, i.e. Pointing / Render, and any special characteristics required, i.e. grading of aggregate, special aggregate inclusions etc.

Supply you with a sample mix for evaluation, 700 Grams up to 1KG depending on product, complete with guideline instructions where necessary on how to apply, cure and protect the sample in place.

For specific requests for larger samples, these will be charged at full bag rates + Carriage. All future coloured material must be checked against the client-retained samples prior to application.

Please note, coloured materials are made specifically to order, there is a limited capacity per day for both sample and final production runs. Please ensure you make us aware of potential orders, we always endeavour to turn samples and orders around as quickly as possible, but in busy periods, up to 7 working days may be necessary for samples and orders from receipt of your written instructions to produce sample / order.