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An extensive Knowledge Base covering all aspects of Mortar, Grouting and working with Masonary. Use our tool to find the correct and related information for your job at hand.

Grouting : General Commentary

Cracks are never uniform, and the width of the crack or separation plane between materials may vary, either as a result of the shape of the fractured interfaces or from particle accumulation within the void. The void may also have become contaminated with debris carried into the gap under the action of on going movement… Read more »

Very Fine Particle Grouts

Purpose: Suitable for filling fine fractures in unit masonry, to prevent uncontrolled water ingress through fine cracks in otherwise suitable materials and ideal for early concretes where strengths are more commonly less than 25N/mm2. Ideal for roman cement render re-attachment to backgrounds or within layers. Suitable for repairs to detachment and or cracked moulded decorative… Read more »

Pointing Coursed and Un-coursed Bull nosed or split faced walling

Bed and point or re-point with Masons Mortar Ltd NHL3.5 – NHL 5 or HL 3.5  and HL5 mortars, fine or medium fine – Choose by Visual Matching – Condition of Stone, Building Exposure, Location and if available Local Knowledge Or Speak to one of our Masons Mortar Ltd helpful friendly staff, who will be… Read more »

Render, repair or replace

  Remove or repair – diagnosing the faults and issues is the starting point to avoid costly, unnecessary replacement or ineffectual repairs. Getting the diagnosis right, ensuring the replacement or repair is effective is good use of precious finances. At Masons Mortar Ltd, we have a wide range of options. Render to cover Painted backgrounds… Read more »

Smooth Lined Out Render

PHOTO EXAMPLE   Fine flat lined out render is something that was very common up until the 1960’s t relies on very straight and flat work without surface blemishes from troweling or floating. Today this is most simply achieved by using a scratch or nail float over a well laid up surface to eliminate hollows… Read more »

What Mortar? Rendering

if this is not your first time rendering with Lime mortars, you may just want to pick your render from our standard mixes, so go here to our rendering products and choose the products that best suits you for the job your doing. or if you want some help in Choosing an appropriate Lime Render Decide… Read more »