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What Mortar? Building

Choosing an appropriate building mortar Are You Building Mass masonry walls without cavities 350mm – more than a metre thick Building thin walls, with a cavity or one or two skins of masonry. Building and fixing masonry cladding Building boundary walls Building in wet conditions, sea walls, bridges canals and the like if this is… Read more »

What Mortar? Re-pointng

Natural Stone, Random, Un- coursed and Coursed Rubble walls Now that you have selected the masonry type – now choose the Re-pointing mortar for the job your doing. Patching in small areas or whole walls where mortar matching and colour matching is important All new work where you pick the colour and texture Sheltered areas,… Read more »

The Hard stuff – Granite and the like

Some masonry, such as granite, basalt etc. and dense impervious bricks require special consideration. Due to their very nature these materials have little, if any, moisture absorption and therefore moisture is transferred to the joints.

Re-pointing Ashlar Masonry

Re-pointing ashlar masonry. Ashlar masonry should not be re-pointed unless there is evidence of open joints. It is very difficult to re-point ashlar masonry where cement pointing has been applied previously, removal often causes more damage than doing nothing. However where it is necessary, mechanical removal of fine cement joints between ashlar blocks is achievable… Read more »

What Mortar? pointing

Choosing an appropriate re-pointing mortar. You have a few visual simple options, usually colour and ¬†texture, joint shape and size – if this is not your first time re-pointing with Lime mortars, you may just want to pick your mortar from our standard mixes, so go here to our Picture file, choose the job your… Read more »